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Weight Loss

We at O'Dell Family Chiropractic know how difficult it can be to lose weight and keep it off. We also understand firsthand how carrying excess weight puts stress on your bones and joints, weighs down your musculoskeletal system, and increases your risk of developing serious health problems. We are happy to offer our community a new weight loss program - Transitions 'Waist' Loss Class. Read on for more information about this incredible program and how it can help you finally get rid of unwanted weight. 

About Transitions 'Waist' Loss Class

woman measuring waistTransitions 'Waist' Loss Class is not just a fad diet or exercise regime, it is a total lifestyle system designed to help you lose weight the healthy way. In Transitions 'Waist' Loss Class, we focus on four lifestyle habits: 

  • Low glycemic eating
  • Behavior modifications
  • Weight loss accelerators
  • Body composition

This is not about a list of what you can and cannot eat. Most of our patients find they are able to eat many of the foods they already love, but now they have the information to make healthier choices about what they put in their bodies. If you consistently fail other diets because you get tired of the limited choices they offer you, this may be a better option. You can still enjoy a normal, diverse diet under this program. 

By educating you about the components of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle, and teaching you how the glycemic content of food affects your energy level and digestion, we empower you to make healthy choices that allow you to live an active, full life. 

Our chiropractors can recommend supplements that support a healthy lifestyle and allow you to lose more weight. Additionally, we can provide healthy and protein-rich energy bars, weight loss shakes, and meals that keep you full in between meals yet do not contain chemical junk. We will also give you access to a website and a daily journal, so you can track your progress. 

Why See Our Chiropractor for Weight Loss in Webster and Rochester, Henrietta, as well as Brighton, NY

We are here to serve as a support system for you. By participating in this program, you gain access to a community of like-minded individuals who can help motivate you. Our chiropractor and weight loss coach will check in with you, make sure you understand the body composition and behavior modification components of our system, and guide you. 

To support your weight loss, we can also offer chiropractic adjustments. As you begin to shed unwanted weight, your body's joints will suddenly feel relief of not having as much sustained pressure. We can make gentle yet effective adjustments that help your body stay in alignment and prevent injury. 

Are you ready to sign up for the class? We are offering it at our Webster NY and Rochester (Henrietta and Brighton) locations and your instructors will be Dr. O'Dell and Kathryn Gray. We expect this class to sell out at both locations. To reserve your spot today, contact us at 585-671-9210.

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